Google Camera app launched for Android, brings refocussing abilities

 In Google, Tech News : Google Camera app launched for Android, brings refocussing abilities

Here are some key features of Google’s Camera app.

Photo Sphere and Panorama:
It enables users to click Photo Sphere, a 360º view of the surrounding. These photo spheres consist of various photos stitched together, resulting in files as large as 50-megapixels. Google Camera can also photograph high resolution panorama shots too.

Lens Blur:
There’s the Lens Blur mode which gives photos a shallow depth of field look, which not just helps the subject stand out, it also makes photographs look more professional.

Also, it offers the ability to change focus after clicking the picture, a functionality that is a trend these days, especially with Nokia and Samsung having the feature embedded in their respective camera apps. In terms of the quality, the app doesn’t close to Nokia’s Refocus app.

To use the feature, as you press the shutter the button, you need to smoothly move the phone in an upward motion while keeping the subject in the centre. After that, it quickly processes the photo and makes it ready for setting/switching focus.

Auto-hiding Interface:
And to top it all, the camera interface hides on its own, leaving the viewfinder and a large shutter button on the screen.
As image sensors are squarish and 16:9 aspect ratio is overly rectangle, it means all the pixels on the sensors aren’t used. But the viewfinder on Google Camera gives a proper a 100 percent view (4:3 aspect ratio), which means that no pixels are lost.

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