Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S

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Gizmeon : Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S: 10 ways the Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 5S

More in-camera control:
Yes, the iPhone is one of the most widely used camera phones out there, and the iPhone 5S isn’t an exception either. The 8-megapixel camera on the iPhone 5S is good for photography, especially with the consistently good results that it offers. The problem is that there’s a very limited user control over photography, something the Galaxy S5 offers to a larger extent. You can make changes to the exposure, white balance, and ISO.

The Galaxy S5 also offer a number of preset modes that help users get more from the camera. There’s the Shot & More mode, under which various scenes can be chose like Best Photo, Best Face, and Panning. The interface on the Galaxy S5 is simple and not as plain (and devoid of options ) as the iPhone 5S. Virtual Tour is a new inbuilt mode, which lets the user walk around and take photos, which are then rolled into a video by the camera using various effects.

You can change the metering mode for tricky lighting conditions, and can also use the timer too in the Galaxy S5. Also, the Galaxy S5′s camera is better specced and comes with what Samsung claims to be the fastest Autofocussing system on camera phone. Selective focussing (after clicking the picture) can be done on the Galaxy S5, while the iPhone offers no such features.

Ability to shoot 4K video:
While most of our laptops, desktop screens and television sets run at full HD (1920×1080 pixels) resolution, the phone have now started to offer 4K video as standard. The Galaxy S5 is one of the forerunners in the field, while the iPhone 5S offers full HD at max. Having said that, the Samsung still doesn’t offer 120fps slow motion video as the iPhone 5S, although you can shoot 60fps full HD video.

Heartbeat Monitor:
One of Samsung Galaxy S5′s new addition over the Galaxy S4 is the heartbeat monitor. The added feature enables to keep a track of the users heartbeat with the use of a dedicated sensor. The same can be achieved on other smartphones with third-party apps but Samsung integrates it with its S Health app.

Expand the memory:
The iPhone 5S, sadly, comes with a fixed-inbuilt storage only, which means memory expansion is limited to cloud storage only. The Galaxy S5 can cope up with cloud storage too, but comes with a microSD card slot as well, which means up to 128GB of memory could be available to the user, on top of the 16GB inbuilt storage.

Swap the battery:
The iPhone 5S looks great and its unibody design is among the best that adorns any smartphone. But the same form factor takes away the ability to switch batteries in the phone. You can always carry a portable charger but that adds to the weight. The Galaxy S5 stays away from this handicap. You can take the battery out and replace it with a charged one, in case of an emergency. Keeping it simple isn’t that bad after all.

Power Saving Mode:
Talking further about battery life, the Galaxy S5 offers an ultra power saving mode, which, according to Samsung, limits the phone to restricted usage, but ends up saving a lot of battery, A fully charged battery can run for about a week, and a 10 percent charge be good for a day, albeit with a black and white display, and limited apps.

Kids Mode:
Parental guidance isn’t applicable to movies alone. Phones stay with us 24×7, and while privacy is one concern, keeping it out of the hands of kids is a bigger and more daunting task. You cannot just let them look at your messages, pictures, or Snapchats, can you? Unlike the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 comes with a Kids Mode. The mode makes the phone kid-friendly, and your dark secrets remain out of their reach.

Apps that talk to each other:
The issue with third-party apps on iOS is that there very little, almost negligible, inter-communication between them. Android, on the other hand, is more linked, hence offering the user an easier experience. For example, in the iPhone, if you click a picture using the native camera app and want to share it on Instagram, you will have to go to the Instagram app and open the photo in that and upload it from there. In case of Android, you have the option of sharing the photo directly from the gallery. It will in turn open the Instagram app for you, saving yourself from the trouble of switchings apps.

Water proof:
You don’t your iPhone out in the rain, do you? It might actually be the worst nightmare to have water splashed on your device. Thankfully, that isn’t the case when we talk about the Galaxy S5. It is certified to be water-resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of up to three feet.

USB on the go:
In case the added availability of storage space is still not enough for you, there’s the ability of Android phones to read USB drives, a feature known as USB On The Go. For the iPhone, you can set up a Wi-Fi based hard disk, which is a more cumbersome and expensive option.

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