Beacon Application Development

Beacon Application Development

Gizmeon considers Beacon based technologies as next generation revolution and taken up Beacon Application Development as a key focus area .Beacons are low-powered radio transmitters – small enough to attach a wall or a counter-top that uses battery-friendly Bluetooth technology to monitor the proximity of mobile devices. Beacons are poised to transform how retailers,Airports, event organizers, transit systems, enterprises, and educational institutions communicate with people indoors. Consumers might even want to deploy them as part of home automation systems.

Beacons are widely used in Retail Stores. It allows the customers to easily and quickly access the information and products they are looking for, or provide special offers or discounts to loyal shoppers.Beacons can also help a retailer recognize, reward and recognize its best customers, and building a stronger relationship with them. Beacon can be used to track how many times a customer visits a shop, the store where they spend the most time etc.

Beacon Application Development Company

Beacon Application Development

Gartner identifies Beacon based technologies as one among top ten Mobile technologies for future ( Beacons allows the mobile applications to be proximity aware and enable to deliver contextualized content based on proximity . Beacons also helps to capture more detailed and realistic analytics. Beacon technology is supposed to advanced with more sensing options in future .

As a key component in Internet of things Beacon is going to be integral part of Mobile world in future .

Opportunities for this Beacon technology is enormous and endless . Gizmeon is specialized in Beacon Application Development and we can develop smart and beautiful mobile applications compatible with Beacon technologies


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